Bible in a Year

Bible In A Year

Throughout 2023, all were invited to join Pastor Michelle in reading through the Bible in a year. For some, this may have been the first time, for others it may have been a familiar practice, and even for a few it may have been something you’ve started in the past but you couldn’t quite get past Leviticus. Although many of us have made it through the bible in 2023, we will leave these calendars up for others who may be interested in reading the "Bible in a year" in the future!

Pastor Michelle offered some guidance: 1) Choose whichever translation of the Bible that you prefer. 2) If you miss a day, pick up your readings for the particular calendar day you are on and catch up the rest when you can. 3) How to read Scripture: Begin your reading with a pause for prayer, that the Spirit may help you center in the Word. Then, expect the reading to take you about 20 minutes. Consider jotting down any thoughts or questions in a notebook. If you have a little more time to reflect, consider these questions that Davison poses in the introduction of his book: What are the primary themes in these passages? What do I find here that is new, different, strange, or fascinating? What insights do I gain here that I can apply to my own life and faith?