Meet Our Staff

Rev. Michelle Sumption began her first ordained call at York UPC in September, 2013. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry and Music from Sterling College (Kansas) and a Masters of Divinity from University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, with background and experience in missions, camping ministry, and intergenerational worship. Pastor Michelle resides in York with her dog, Zoe, and enjoys running, exploring, reading, and baking.

Kevin Willies, Clerk of Session

Roy Geary, Treasurer & Bell Choir Director

Beth Fitzsimmons, Administrative Assistant/Newsletter Editor

Jerry MacIntyre, Custodian

David Tilley, Accompanist 

Our Committees and Leadership:


The Session is the governing body that consists of six ruling elders and the minister. The Session serves by discerning and guiding the worship, ministry, and mission of the church.

Clerk of Session, Kevin Willies

Laura Geary

Shirley Mandeville

Debbie Orman 

Nancy Richenberg

Melissa Vennard


The Trustees work to maintain and care for the building and grounds of the church facility. This important council also oversees finances, personnel, and operations.

Art Geary, Trustees Chair

Amy Baron

Don Lubanski

Joan Petzen

Sue Smith

Pete Wybron

Roy Geary, Treasurer, ex-oficio


The Deacons minister with care, compassion, and service by reaching out in love and support to our church family and our community. 

John Anderson

Norma Geary

Nancy Giglio

Linda Kolb

Cathy Leach

Bonnie Morgan

Robin Pringle

Luke Schultz

Liz Wilcox